viernes, 16 de mayo de 2014

Life here began out there

Hi. My name is Alexia Fernández and I am an addict. 
I’m addicted to dreaming, to observing, learning and sharing. 
My trigger: TV series. 
My goal: to pass on my addiction.

For me, life watching TV began many moons ago. I can't remember exactly when, but I do know it was love at first sight.

Since I'd to secretly watch my hidden tapes of Merlose Place, through the years when the X-Files opened a whole new universe of possibilities before my eyes, and Battlestar Galactica's drums made my heart beat to its hectic rhythm, TV series have been my one true constant -just as Penny was for Desmond in the best episode Lost conceived during it's six year run-.

Because the influence these series, and many many more, have had on me, I've dedicated both my personal life and professional career to learn and develop the craft of storytelling and writing for TV. 

My bedtime partners are scripts, films and TV series, my best friends Imagination and Creativity, and media is my nourishment. Communication and creative writing are my strongest suits, development and progress my journey companions, sci-fi my guilty pleasure, and I always enjoy a good challenge.

I'm currently half-way through my MA in Screenwriting and I'm starting this blog to share the crazy thoughts of this fan whose been lucky enough to make of what she loves most in life, her career.

I hope, as this page grows, you also share with me your words, thoughts and curiosities of all those series you love, but more importantly, enjoy.

Have fun and good hunting!


PS. For those of you who understand Spanish, here's the link to the monthly podcast I co-host with my lovely friend Maria, as addicted to the world of TV series as we are and quite possible as wise and erudite in the subject as Dr. House was in medicine. True story. If you don't believe me, you're only one click away to prove me right :)